A Special Thank You

I want to give a special " Thank  You " To All of My Clients who Continue to Support and Believe in the " Braids Infinity " Salon Experience

To my Heavenly Father who gives me the Strength to Continue what I do on a Daily Basis.

To My Family :

                              My Loving Husband and Children

for being so patient with me on a daily basis and allowing me to make my dream a reality.

To My Hair Models :

Miss Whitney, Ashley, Stephine, Tenitra, Tamika, Marie, Tamaneek, Juelie, Candice, Kaysha, NaCoko, Dedria, Pamela, Aleeya, Tatiana , Glenda , Jacqulian, Sonnet, Tia, Patrice, Brillance and Charia

 Photographers : 

Mr. Caldwell aka "Goodknews" Photography Studio

Mr. Shawn Walker

and Allison M. www.aamphoto.net

Makeup Artists who helped me :

Whiteny, Tamaneek, NaCoko Tatiana, Aleeya


Latrice "Esteem Faces" Halter

                                   Many Continued Blessings,

                                                                          Braids Infinity