Price List 

Price Increase Effective July 1st ​

Cleanse and Preparation :

Deep Conditioning Treatment

Recommended Monthly after Braid Removal and or before getting any Braid or Natural service $25.00 and up

Clip Ends $25.00

Edge up $10.00

" The Big Chop" $55.00 and up 

Braid Removal :

$45.00 and up per hour includes wash, reconstruction treatment clip split ends

Braid Replacement :

$75.00 and up

Only the first 3 rows around the perimeter of head and $10.00 for each additional row or $1.00 per braid recommended 

every 3-4 weeks of styles such as

Micro Braids, Twists, and or Box Braid Styles

Cornrow and Braiding Styles :

$35.00 and up

Hair added

$35.00 and up

Without Hair added $25.00 and up 

Micro, Singles, and Box Braids :

$240.00 and up

Depending on size and length

Knotless Braids:

Small $350.00

Medium $250.00

Large $225.00

Kinky, Afro, Marley, Havana, and Senegalese Twist :

All start at :

$185.00 and up depending on size and length

If you need assistance in purchasing hair in-store or online it is an additional fee of $60.00

For all Single Braiding Styles, there is an additional Fee if you want them styled after an installment of $35.00

Crochet Styles $150.00 and up

All Faux, Silky Synthetic, 

or Human Hair Locs start at $265.00 and up

Natural Hair Styling :

Two Strand Twist and Twist

$75.00 and up

Comb Coils and Coil outs :

$65.00 and up


Handmade Wigs $150.00 and up

Wig installation $105.00 includes wash, cornrows, and style wig

Style Wig Only $55.00 and up

Inquire within about other Styles for Weddings, 

Fashion, Photography, and or Fantasy Hairstyles.

No Refunds, Cash Only